Assoc. Pastor Matthew Derby

Pastor Matt Derby has a passion for bringing age-old truths of the gospel to life with 21st Century technology and compelling conviction.  Pastor Matt believes in the melding of student and family ministry, strengthening each individual in order to strengthen the family unit, and the body of Christ as a whole.  Pastor Matt’s energy and enthusiasm are infused into his ministry, making both his Bible teaching and application a hands-on experience.  Pastor Matt began his ministry career with Youth for Christ, as the Ithaca, MI program director.  For three years, he found creative ways to take the gospel into the lunchroom, the classroom and onto the streets of Ithaca, effectively reaching students with no church background or affiliation.  Pastor Matt then took an internship with AustinLife Church of Austin, TX, under the leadership of Pastor Randy Phillips, of Phillips, Craig and Dean.  At LifeAustin, Pastor Matt assisted in launching a successful student ministry, ministering to students all across the Greater Austin area.   Pastor Matt lives in Ithaca with his wife, Brandi and two children: Selah Grace and Ryah Jeanessa.